Things I’ve been following lately

I just want to keep track of these so I don’t have to take an hour pulling up inspirational tabs every time I want to do some “soul nurturing” (need to come up with a better term for what it is I’m actually doing with all this shit…lol) –> my favorite travel blog thus far about basically everywhere in the world –> you know what this is 😉 she’s an au pair in spain on the BEDA program!! super cool !! –> inspiring blog by a woman who highly advocates healthy body image for women, who is fat herself –> seems incredibly adventurous, looking forward to reading more about this girl –> also some interesting travel-blog-related thoughts on the web –> probably something that i put on here because im freaking out

and of course, the one and only: –> my therapy away from therapy

TED talks –> need to find more things like these!!!

and my heartfelt playlist on spotify. god almighty, what is it that i’m looking for?

p.s. recently read “the secret letters of the monk who sold his ferrari”…I need to make copies of those, for sure. then continue on with my search for spirituality? maybe?


great video:

^Deepak Malhotra gives an awesomely inspiring talk totally applicable to me at this point in my life

^link to a beautiful article and also a blog that i want to explore more

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